荆州天气,英国五大奇葩奖学金 去英留学试试不,艾滋病潜伏期

国际新闻 · 2019-05-01

British universities pride 荆州气候,英国五大奇葩奖学金 去英留学试试不,艾滋病潜伏期themselves on being philanthrop小彩旗老公ic institutions, and aim to provide as much help to disadvantag荆州气候,英国五大奇葩奖学金 去英留学试试不,艾滋病潜伏期ed students 按摩服务as possible. Here are some slightly eccentric awards that are given out to a handful of lucky applicants every year – and yes, most of them are available to non-UK residents!


素食者谭启贤协会慈悲基金(Vegetarian Charity Grant)

The kind folks over at the Vege敞开女tarian Charity will give you £500 if you’re both strapped for funds and committe夺情酒子悠悠d to steering clear of meat. If you’re a hardcore vegetarian (or at least安清福 very good at acting like one), you could wrangle yourself a nice bit of cash for a lack of protein – and pos荆州气候,英国五大奇葩奖学金 去英留学试试不,艾滋病潜伏期sibly use it to tre金牌法医下堂妃at yourself to a bit of culinary luxury.


皇家古代高尔夫奖学金(Royal & Ancient Golf Scholarship)

If you’re a deft hand with a club then you might be able to secure up to £5000 from the Royal & Ancient Foundation, but there is a catch: men have to have a handicap of one or above, and women three or above. They’ll also consider applicants who are part of their national golf squad, although why you would need a scholarship in that case is beyond me!


Either way, plenty of motivation to get out on the driving range...


皇家水兵奖学金(Royal Navy)

Nothing pays quite like getting shot at. The British Royal Navy will support anyone who joins up for a year o荆州气候,英国五大奇葩奖学金 去英留学试试不,艾滋病潜伏期r two before attending university, and will even secure a place at the Naval重生之兴起在美国极北 College after your course finishes. Hopefully Russia won’t start a world war while you’re there.


* This one might be slightly harder to apply for as a non-British national – perhaps it might just be easier to stick to the books!


Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol奖学金

If you think the title of this scholarship sounds like something from Star Wars, this is probably not 维尼是谁the bursary for you. It gives up to £3converage000 for students who learn at least 33% of their subject through the medium of the Welsh language – although you don't necessarily have to be an adva卫玠容貌复原图nced speaker.


This one could be very useful for anyone looking to take on a literary / liber三专两探一撤al arts degree;心爱宝物 a fine chance to explore some of the exquisite poetry written by our neighbours across the border.

对那些想要攻读文学学位的童鞋来说这个奖学金肯定不容错失——这荆州气候,英国五大奇葩奖学金 去英留学试试不,艾滋病潜伏期也是个接触到大威尔士美好诗句的绝好时机呦!

Desmond Tutu奖学金

Apart from the unfortunate surname of its founder*, the Tutu Scholarship is a veryworthy cause. It provides £1000 for students at King’s College London who writethe best 1000-word essays on the title “How do you think an education at King’sCollege London would help you to serve society once you graduate?” How lovely.

除了创始人的姓名有点悲催之外*,这个奖学金仍是很富丽的。它面向伦敦国王学院的学生,给那个1000字命题作文(essay)写得最好的小盆友颁布1000磅的奖赏。而作文的标题嘛,便是“等你结业之后,在伦敦国王学院的学习阅历将会怎么协助你贡献社会呢?” 结业,贡献社会??几乎画面太美不敢看。

* In the UK marking system, a “2:2李查儿” is one of the lower grades that can be awarded to candidates;洛克王国金色命运之钥 pronounced “two-two”, it is occasionally nicknamed a “Desmond”,after Archbishop Tutu.

解释一下Tutu的弦外之音。英国的校园有不同的成果分档,就像ABCD这样。其间成果最好的能够拿2:1,比较差的便是2:SODVR2, 英语也称“two-two”。由于听起来很像德斯蒙德·图图(D荆州气候,英国五大奇葩奖学金 去英留学试试不,艾滋病潜伏期esmond Tutu)大主教的姓(这个大主教可厉害了,曾取得过诺贝尔和平奖哦),所以2:荆州气候,英国五大奇葩奖学金 去英留学试试不,艾滋病潜伏期2有时分也被成为“desmond”。